The Gallatin River Task Force will perform a river use study during the summer of 2018 that will allow for recreation users to provide feedback about how they view the Gallatin and where enhancements could be made on the river to improve access and river health through online and in-person surveys. The study is the result of a partnership between the Gallatin River Task Force, Montana State University, and the Custer Gallatin National Forest.

The river use study will utilize Qualtrics survey software to allow river users to anonymously submit a survey that takes about five minutes, which details user type, type of use, and where use occurred to allow for a comprehensive dataset to be collected relating to recreation use of the Gallatin River. The study will also allow for recreation users to voice their opinion about crowding perceptions of anglers and boaters, areas where improvements could be made, if they are willing to pay for improvements, and whether or not a fee should be implemented for river use.

The study will utilize volunteers working under a survey lead to perform in-person surveys on the river as well as online, if you would like to take the survey online then visit: If you would like to volunteer, hang out by the river, and meet fellow recreationists, please contact Jack Murray: All survey responses will be entered in a raffle to win a prize. The drawing will occur at the end of the summer.