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The Task Force gets a license plate.

*NOTE: Montana MVD offices in Belgrade and Bozeman are currently closed due to Covid-19. Stay tuned to this website for updates.*

While news is breaking of organizations across Montana losing their license-plate programs, we’re happy to report that our design has been finalized and that the Friend of the Gallatin plate is now available at MVD offices across the state. Locally, you’ll be able to purchase your FOG plate in Bozeman the next time your register your vehicle.

While registration renewal is the standard time people change plates, you needn’t wait! You can change your plate at any time and with 80+ organizations losing their plate programs with new state laws going into effect, now is as good a time as any to upgrade.

The FOG license plate is a great way to show your support for the river year-round. Now, every time you’re parked at a put-in, turn-out, or other fishing access, your friends and neighbors will know your priorities lie with watershed conservation.

The proceeds from plate sales help support our mission to lead conservation and inspire stewardship of the Gallatin River Watershed. We’re dead-set on keeping the Gallatin clean and clear for future generations, and organizational sustainability is required for organizational success.

Getting a new plate is easy:

Step 1: Gather the documents necessary for changing your plate, including your registration and driver’s license.
Step 2: Head to the closest MVD office. From Big Sky, the closest is about an hour away in Bozeman.
Step 3: Wait in line. If you’re simply getting a standard FOG plate (no customizations), go straight to the door near the south end of the building, closest to Main Street. If you’d like a vanity plate, take a number and wait in line.
Step 4: Fill out the necessary paperwork. The whole process should take less than 30 minutes. The $20 specialty fee goes straight to us.
Step 5: Sit back and feel good knowing you supported a clean and healthy Gallatin River.

As mentioned earlier, Montana recently passed a law revoking specialty-plate programs that haven’t sold more than 400 tags. We want to be sure our program never runs into that problem. If you love the Gallatin, help us keep our tags on the road by purchasing your FOG plate today.

If you have questions about the plate program, please contact director of development Ryan Newcomb.