The Gallatin River Task Force is driven by one simple ambition…to make sure the Gallatin River flows with clean, cold, abundant water. Now and forever.  

You can find us in Big Sky, MT, where everyday we witness the many moods of the Gallatin River in one of the most beautiful places in the Rocky Mountains. It is easy to fall in love with the Gallatin, which originates within Yellowstone National Park, our neighbor to the south. The Gallatin and its tributaries are where we play, relax, and satisfy our soul.

Today’s Task Force grew out of humble beginnings in 2000, when a handful of passionate community members were concerned about a permit to release treated wastewater into the Gallatin River as a solution to a growing Big Sky. Four years later, a non-profit called the Blue Water Task Force was formed to help expand the water quality monitoring of the Upper Gallatin River Watershed. That effort, along with the hard work of many others, resulted in no wastewater being released into the Gallatin.  

Since that time, the Task Force has continued to monitor the water quality in our watershed, and in the process we have established a valuable database on the health of the Gallatin and the streams that nourish it.

As our community has grown, so have we. In 2015, we changed our name, refocused our mission, and expanded our programs in a way that we feel makes us vital to our community. We believe in the power of collaboration and utilize science to inform our decisions. You might say our small deeds have added up over the years, bringing respect to our mission and value to our community. This was confirmed in 2016 when we were named Big Sky’s “Non-Profit of the Year.”

We especially take pride in partnering with our community for the common good of a pristine Gallatin River. We prefer action over rhetoric, which can be found in some of our most recent projects. Our projects include restoring streamside vegetation along the Big Sky Golf Course, hosting a water management forum to collaboratively plan for growth and development in Big Sky, and improving recreational access in Gallatin Canyon.

Our work doesn’t stop with just these projects. We continue to inspire the next generation of conservation leaders with outreach in our schools, educate professionals in our community through workshops, and recruit volunteers to monitor the health of our river.

We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about us and we hope to see you on the river.  

VISION: A healthy Gallatin River Watershed for future generations

MISSION: To partner with our greater community to lead conservation and inspire stewardship of the Gallatin River Watershed