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Big Sky Headwaters Alliance

Clean and abundant water for all

Clean and abundant water for all

The Big Sky Headwaters Alliance is a group of business, conservation, recreation, local government, and state agency partners coordinating to sustainably manage water resources in Big Sky. The alliance, through a series of committees, focuses on implementing the priorities identified in a stewardship plan created by the Big Sky Sustainable Water Solutions Forum. The watershed stewardship plan outlines recommendations, goals, priorities, and actions identified for three co-equal focus areas: the ecological health of the river systems, water supply and availability, and wastewater treatment and reuse.


Our Vision

Big Sky strives to be a model mountain community by protecting and improving water resources, sustaining the ecological health of the watersheds, and supporting a vibrant local economy.

The ecological health of the river systems

A healthy and resilient river system sustained through a principled approach to watershed stewardship that includes human activities and natural processes that maintain and enhance stream, riparian, and wetland conditions and connections, ensuring water remains clean and cold.

Water supply and availability 

Manage and balance surface and groundwater supplies for a vibrant community sustaining a broad spectrum of uses and values including fisheries, wildlife, recreation, agriculture, municipal, and domestic needs.

Wastewater treatment and reuse

Develop and implement holistic wastewater and stormwater management, utilizing best available technologies and practices, to meet Big Sky’s long-term community needs and protect and improve the ecological health of the river systems.

Learn more about the Big Sky Sustainable Water Solutions Forum here