Big Sky Headwaters Alliance

Clean and abundant water for all

Big Sky Headwaters Alliance Committees

The Big Sky Headwaters Alliance shares information and develops specific projects through multiple community partnerships. The Gallatin River Task Force hosts this effort as part of its mission to inspire stewardship.

Healthy Headwaters

  • Water quality and streamflow
  • Groundwater and surface water interactions
  • Stormwater
  • Landscape conservation

Resilient Water Supply

  • Water conservation
  • Water balance
  • Wastewater treatment, storage, and reuse


  • Trout-friendly certification program
  • Outreach & education
  • Public engagement
  • Community dashboard

Jack Creek Watershed (Moonlight side)

  • Management and monitoring activities specific to the Madison watershed

Gallatin Canyon

  • Identify solutions for onsite water and wastewater systems desired by the Canyon residents

Big Sky Headwaters Fund

  • Focus on stewardship priorities
  • Operate water fund
  • Support fundraising efforts

Learn more about the Big Sky Sustainable Water Solutions Forum here