Big Sky Headwaters Alliance

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The Resilient Water Supply committee is focused on supporting activities that foster protection of the surface and groundwater supplies in the Big Sky area for a growing community and the natural environment.


  1. Expand Groundwater Modeling and Monitoring to accurately characterize the available water supply in the Big Sky area by generating seasonal outlook reports for groundwater supplies, modeling the impacts of various climate scenarios, modeling various withdrawal amounts, developing real-time data on groundwater and surface water, and developing a water balance to identify “targets” or “triggers” for action.
  2. Develop Strategies for Water Conservation to inspire community members to actively engage in water conservation to reduce groundwater withdrawals, maintain instream flows, and build resilience against changing climatic conditions.
  3. Improve Stormwater Management to “slow the flow” of water through the system to provide for aquifer recharge and increased late-season streamflows, while also providing resiliency for changing climatic conditions.
  4. Expand Wastewater Reuse options that benefit water supply, including Expanding Water Reuse for Irrigation, Developing Water Reuse for Snowmaking, and Investigating Shallow Groundwater Recharge.
  5. Develop Mitigation of Water Rights over the long-term. In the near-term, maintain an open dialogue with State agencies and senior water rights holders on water rights adjudication, modifications to the change process, and the potential implications of mitigation.

Committee Work


March 10, 2020 Meeting, Big Sky Water and Sewer District meeting room, 1-3 pm

March 27, 2019 Meeting, Big Sky Water and Sewer District Meeting Room, 1-3pm

  • Agenda and Materials

January 10, 2019 Meeting

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