Our Programs

Watershed Monitoring 


Tracking the vital signs of our rivers

Evaluating the health of the Upper Gallatin River has always been at the heart of what we do. We were founded in 2000 by a group of concerned community members with a simple goal: understand baseline water quality in the Upper Gallatin River. Today, the Task Force continues to work with citizen scientists and watershed professionals to monitor the Gallatin’s vital signs. Our watershed monitoring program tracks the health of the Gallatin River by:

  • Recording baseline data to assess for trends and unforeseen events
  • Assessing the successes and failures of restoration projects on impaired streams
  • Determining the impact of road salt and sand on water quality
  • Conducting intensive studies when necessary

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Conservation Program


Ensuring a future of cold, clean, and abundant water for future generations

The Gallatin River flows through the heart of the Big Sky community. Locals and visitors alike treasure the Gallatin for its wild whitewater, fabled fishing, and awe-inspiring views. The Task Force utilizes long-term data collected through our watershed monitoring program to plan and implement projects to ensure a healthy Gallatin River Watershed for future generations.

Our conservation program protects our incredible river by:

  • Restoring streams that fail to meet state water quality standards
  • Improving ecological health and public safety at river access sites
  • Engaging in holistic water-resource planning for the Big Sky community
  • Improving water conservation in the Big Sky community

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Education and Outreach Program


Inspiring stewardship of water resources

We believe that an educated community is the foundation for a healthy watershed. The Task Force partners with schools, outfitters, nonprofits, and agencies to bring relevant water-resource information to Big Sky.

Our education and outreach program engages the Big Sky community by:

  • Inspiring the next generation of conservation leaders
  • Providing professionals in the Big Sky area with the tools to protect water quality
  • Developing and implementing educational campaigns to address local threats to water resources

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