Advocacy and Outreach

Gallatin River Advocacy

Through informed advocacy and outreach to the community, we are protecting, restoring, and conserving the Gallatin River while developing the next generation of water stewards.

From support for Wild and Scenic Rivers to in-classroom curriculum development, the Task Force is inspiring a conservation ethic throughout the Big Sky community and the Upper Gallatin Watershed.

We believe an educated community is an invested community, and the more people we reach the better chance the Gallatin River has of staying clean and cold, now and in the future.

Outreach in Action


For years, the Task Force has partnered with Ophir Elementary educators to inspire the next generation of river stewards. Our education programs include raising trout from egg to fingerling in the classroom and monitoring water quality with students in nearby rivers and streams. In recent years, we have expanded our watershed awareness programs for professionals.

Small, simple behavior changes have huge impacts on water quality. Properly maintaining your septic system, landscaping with the river in mind, and cleaning your boat or waders after each use will protect the Gallatin from excess nutrients, harmful chemicals, and aquatic invasive species. Check out our educational resources and learn how you can lead a trout-friendly life.

Gallatin River Advocacy and Outreach, Fly Fishing Camp

Fly fishing is a lifelong activity that can be used as a powerful tool for educating students about river ecology and water quality. The Task Force and Big Sky Community Organization started a youth fly fishing camp to provide an affordable opportunity for Big Sky locals and visitors to learn to fly fish. The mission of the Hooked on the Gallatin: Youth Fly Fishing Camp is to inspire a lifelong passion for fly fishing and river conservation.

Advocacy and Outreach News


Gallatin River Advocacy and Outreach, Water Rights

A Right to Conserve

In Montana, water rights can be a powerful conservation tool. To educate the community on this topic, we hosted a virtual seminar with expert panelists focused on water-rights law. Read a recap here.

Gallatin River Advocacy and Outreach, Montana Headwaters Legacy Act

Wild & Scenic Gallatin

The Gallatin has long deserved Wild and Scenic Rivers status. Now, thanks to the made-in-Montana Montana Headwaters Legacy Act, that dream is one step closer to being a reality. Learn more here

Gallatin River Advocacy and Outreach

Responsible Recreation

Recreational access to the Gallatin River is ample, from Yellowstone National Park to the Spanish Creek confluence. With that access come responsibility, from packing out dog poop to keeping you catch wet