Big Sky Water Conservation

Big Sky Water Conservation is one of only two programs in Montana that seeks to inspire community members to engage in practices that save water, both at home and work. Conserving water is vital to the health of the Gallatin River. Big Sky is drought-prone, receiving less than 20 inches of precipitation each year. Keeping water in the river sustains a healthy fishery, benefits river recreation, and serves our community and our neighbors downstream.

 By partnering with major water managers, homeowners’ associations, property managers, developers, and other influential organizations, the Gallatin River Task Force is promoting water savings in Big Sky.

Every drop of water saved is one that remains in the river!


The Water Conservation Program

Big Sky strives to be a model mountain community by protecting and improving water resources, sustaining the ecological health of the watersheds, and supporting a vibrant local economy.

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Indoor Rebates

The Task Force offers rebates to Big Sky residents that prioritize water savings in their homes by installing water-efficient toilets, shower heads, and clothes washers. Learn more.

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Outdoor Rebates

Residents receive rebates by installing weather-based smart controllers, rain sensors, sprinkler heads and nozzles, and performing spring outdoor audits / system checkups. Learn more.

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Trout-Friendly Landscapes

Pledge your support for water conservation by certifying your trout-friendly landscape while protecting the health of the Gallatin River, native pollinators, and native trout. Learn more.

Drought Planning


The Task Forces facilitated a series of public meetings to engage the community about drought and water supply issues. Through a locally-driven, stakeholder-lead process the community discussed impacts and vulnerabilities to plan mitigation and response actions to build a more resilient community and watershed. This effort is part of a larger, basin-wide partnership between conservation districts, non-profits, federal agencies and other interested parties to forge resilience against the threats to water resources in the Upper Missouri Basin.

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