Free Showerhead Swap

We want to make it easy to help conserve Big Sky’s water. Stop by the Gallatin River Task Force office to swap out your old, inefficient showerhead for a new high-efficiency showerhead. We are offering free, polished chrome showerheads that not only look great, but save money without sacrificing performance. Be sure to bring you old showerhead with you to receive your new showerhead.

The Niagra Conservation Healthguard Showerhead Features:

  • Five spray settings
  • Pressure compensated technology guarantees a consistent flow rate
  • 4.3″ face diameter
  • Removable, anti-microbial faceplate
  • Saves up to 40% more water than standard showerheads

Estimated Annual Utility and Dollar Savings:

  • 8,760 gallons of water ($73)
  • Electric Heating: 1,138 kWh ($129)
  • Gas Heating: 63 therms ($72)